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The Artists

Sarah Spray

Jewelry & paintings on wood

What started as a simple pastime of mine has become a passion that with the encouragement from friends and family, inspired me to start selling my work. I began creating pendants out of metal washers over a decade ago. I experimented with different versions and would start and stop over months and years until a few years ago when the occasional stab at it started to become a real outlet for my creative energy. I derive so much pleasure from hand painting these miniature pieces of art and after years of evolving technique and materials, arrived at a finished product that I’ve been thrilled to share.

I find inspiration for my designs from the world around me. Whether it be in nature or man-made, my pendant designs are inspired by color and patterns that catch my eye and give me that “I’ve got to capture that” feeling. Each pendant I make is a unique creation and although I have a few favorite go-to designs that I repeat, each pendant is hand painted and as such, the brush strokes and paint colors will never be exactly the same. These pendants are painted on both sides as well making each a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

“Birds in the wood” are inspired either by the grain of a piece of wood or by a bird that I want to bring to life on a perfect wood grain background. I love the way wood grain gives depth, adds interest, and can complete the story on these pieces. I started painting birds a few years ago and fell in love with the detail in the colors and patterns of a bird’s feathers as well as the way it felt to paint on a wood surface.

I use acrylic paint for both my pendants and wood paintings. Pendants are made of metal washers, painted, and then finished with a durable, high gloss glaze. My bird paintings are created on recycled wood left over from projects completed by my woodworker husband. Weathered fir and cedar are my favorites.

My grandmother used to say “Smile a while and I will too”. I strive to create art that evokes a happy feeling when you see it so I hope my pieces make you smile!


Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Sarah Spray
Sarah Spray
Sarah Spray