2023 SUMMER STUDIO TOUR: Aug 11-13    |    2023 WINTER STUDIO TOUR: Dec 1-3

For Artists – 2023 Tour Information

Sylvia Carlton's Studio (#3)

2023 Studio Tour Dates

Summer Tour – August 11-13

Winter Tour – December 1-3


New artists:  Please read the information below and application form for complete details before applying. You do not need to own a studio on Bainbridge Island to apply or participate. We are looking for regional artists with original work, professional quality, and items that are designed and crafted by you! Participation in the events is required – our customers love to meet you and get to know you. We work hard to promote the Tour through the website, ads, brochures, banners, social media, etc. and ask that you do your part as well. As a result, we have been a success for over 38 years now! There is no commission on sales. You pay a registration fee, and $25 jury* fee once every three years. And every artist has a small volunteer job (or you can pay to opt out if you wish). We hope that you will join our family of artists, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Returning artists:  Welcome back! We’re excited about 2023, and look forward to a wonderful year! Please complete the application form, submit new photos, and pay the fees as usual.

2023 Calendar 


Feb 1 Applications available (website and BI Chamber of Commerce)
March 31 Early Bird deadline (Summer and Winter Tours) deadline has passed
May 15 Applications due: Summer and/or Winter Tour
May 27 Jury: Summer Tour
May 31 Juried artists notified
Aug 11-13 Summer Studio Tour
Aug 23 Winter Tour deadline deadline has passed
Sep 2 Jury: Winter Tour
Sep 6 Juried artists notified
Dec 1-3 Winter Studio Tour
Jan 27, 2024 Annual Membership Meeting

Thank you for your interest in the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour. Applications to participate are open to Bainbridge Island (BI) residents and non-island residents as detailed on the application form. As a juried* venue of artwork, we look for professional work, designed and crafted by the artist, with original designs, and quality craftsmanship. Artists do not need to have their own studio to participate.

When applying to the Studio Tour, you can apply electronically, by snail mail, or a combination of both. A hard copy of the application is always available at the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, or one can be mailed to you.

Click below for tips on taking photos and writing your Bio for the Tour Application.

You can pay using your PayPal account (requiring you to log in to your account) or by any credit card (when the PayPal box opens, look to the bottom for an option to pay with a credit or debit card).

2023 Studio Tour Fees


As “members” of the Studio Tour, we support each other and work together to organize and operate the event. While a paid Tour Manager and a Board of four artists make the day-to-day decisions regarding the tours, participating artists also contribute time and energy to make each Tour a success. Each artist chooses a small volunteer job such as distributing posters around town, or setting up road signs near their studio. We also contribute to a local charity through a group donation, which is given by the artists as a 1% optional donation after each Tour.

Summer: The “Summer Studio Tour” is a festive outdoor event held the second weekend in August. Local artists open their studios while other artists join them in garden settings with live music to create an inviting marketplace of fine art. Bainbridge Island and off-island visitors anticipate this enjoyable event, which has been held since 2001, and attendance is growing. Limited indoor display space may be available.

Winter: The annual Bainbridge Island “Winter Studio Tour & Sale“ is the original Studio Tour and has been a mainstay since 1984. Held on the first weekend in December, it offers an opportunity to purchase fine arts and crafts for the holidays and is a well-established, well-attended tradition. The Winter Tour is held in both artist’s studios and community halls.


Off-island artists are welcome to apply – please see our application form for residency notes. You do not need to own a studio, or live on the island to participate. Active off-island participants prior to January 2012 are grandfathered in and may continue to participate and jury like any artist regardless of residency, so long as they remain active in the Tour at least once every two years.



As a juried venue of artwork, we look for professional work, designed and crafted by the artist, with original designs, and quality craftsmanship. A jury process* reviews the work of all potential artists. All current artists must re-jury every three years. If a current artist’s work or media changes dramatically, they too will need to be re-juried. Artwork mass-produced with the use of commercial kits or molds, pre-fabricated forms, or imported items are not eligible.

There is currently no booth sharing, and you are expected to be present at your booth throughout the show.

*Jury process in brief: Typically each artist will present 5 photos and an Artist’s Statement via e-mail. This occurs several weeks after the application deadline, and the photos and statement are different from those previously submitted for the webpage, and brochure. Jury photos need to reflect all of the work, styles, and mediums that an artist wants to show at the Tour. Full details will be provided about 1 week before the jury date (see calendar).