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The Artists

Rob Satterwhite

Outdoor metal sculpture

Bainbridge Island, WA

Raw metal transforms as I bring out the simple beauty and inherent strength of the metal through my outdoor garden and patio sculptures. The detailed journey from rusty, crude material, involves many steps like cleaning, grinding, burning, cutting, and polishing. Tools like a plasma cutter and chemicals like mercuric acid are just part of my world. The final design is always in mind, but may not come into play for days or even weeks into the process.

I’ve always been a hands-on guy. So working with large metal sculptures is a wonderful outlet for my creativity. And these strong, heavy pieces that feel “rooted” to the earth, allow me to incorporate natural themes and breathe life into the polished and lustrous hard surface of the metal.

  • PANELS. Metal garden panels are 2-sided metal panels with cut-out designs that are easily staked in the ground. Floral patterns, leaves, and animals are the most popular. A themed grouping or colorful story of panels alongside a path is fun.
  • TOWERS. Square metal towers allow four sides with designs, sometimes wrapped around the edges (like branches with birds on them). Many have lights in the center, which is beautiful at night!
  • FIRE. Some of my towers feature a fire element at the top. They are really dramatic, but simple in their beauty and design.
  • WATER. Water fountains allow the water to cascade over the top and down the sides, and over my designs. The result makes beautiful sounds, and matching metal planters catch and recirculate the water.

CLOCKS, WALL PIECES. Brightly colored and shiny metal finish clocks come in fun styles like Washington State, bicycle themes, lighthouses, herons and more. Wall hangings are ever-evolving, with designs like birch trees with crows or red cardinals, stylized guitars, and owls. Custom designs always in progress.

FINISH. It may sound old-fashioned, but I make art that I would want to keep myself. I pay attention to detail, do the research, put in the time, finish with several clear coats to provide durability outdoors, and much more. All of this takes a lot of extra time. Hard work mixed with magic.  And I think it’s worth it.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Rob Satterwhite
Rob Satterwhite
Rob Satterwhite