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The Artists

Dinah Satterwhite


Bainbridge Island, WA

I enjoy exploring the colors and textures and patterns in nature through my photography. Intense contrast in colors fascinates me, and as always, I love to tell a story with my images.

 Some of my work is abstract photography, which are often mistaken for paintings. These unique photos are a beautiful infusion of movement and light. I am painting with my camera, often shooting 1,000+ images to find the one that captures the desired emotion, color, quality, and flow of light. I leave the image practically “raw,” and often print them on metal for a gorgeous finish and seamless look.

 An age-old technique that I specialize in involves hand tinting photos. I love that this technique marries photography with oil painting. I begin with black and white photos that were taken with film and developed in the darkroom onto a special fiber-based paper. Then I paint them with special transparent oil paints that result in a luminous and often dream-like image. Sometimes I work with infrared film, which reflects infrared light from various natural sources. This adds nicely to the dreamy nature of the hand coloring process. And for a striking effect, I might tint a single image on the photograph, leaving the remainder black and white.

 Printing my photos on canvas and wrapping them around a wood frame makes a lovely “Canvas Gallery Wrap” that is light-weight, easy to move or ship, and has no glass, mat, or frame. They look great on any wall, and have an elegance and ease that are quite appealing. Another popular way I reproduce my photos is on metal. Metal prints are vibrant, detailed, and luminescent, with incredible detail and resolution that captures the image in a most beautiful way. And the surface is ultra-hard and waterproof, so it is easy to maintain and clean. These can have an optional UV coating, for outdoor use!

 I hope you will check out my website to see a bounty of images and inspiration. I offer cards and boxed card sets, which are great gifts, and are easily shipped. And beautiful glass cutting boards are very popular, come to the Tour and see for yourself!

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Dinah Satterwhite
Dinah Satterwhite
Dinah Satterwhite