2024 SUMMER STUDIO TOUR: Aug 9-11    |    2024 WINTER STUDIO TOUR: Dec 6-8

Musician at Studio Tour

call to musicians

Celebrating our 24th year, the Bainbridge Island Summer Studio Tour is a popular grass-roots art event held in island studios and gardens. With lovely space in the artist’s gardens, musicians can share their gift of live music with patrons who visit the studios over the 3-day weekend. This year, there will be 47 artists in six studios.

The Studio Tour is currently seeking small groups and soloists to sing and play at our four locations during the Tour. Appropriate styles are acoustic, folk, classical, jazz, country, light rock, and easy-going upbeat music that is suitable for all ages. (Please, no lyrics with profanity, or references to drugs, sex, abuse, or violence, this is a family-friendly event!) Professionals and amateurs are both welcome.

Please sign up on the sheets that are linked below – one for each day of the Tour. Musicians are subject to review before the final schedule is set. You will only be contacted if there is a question, or a need for more information. So once you sign up, plan on being at the studio(s) that you chose at the times you’ve selected.

We encourage you to sign up by august 4th!

Please allow time for travel between locations if you choose more than one on a single day. Sign up for two consecutive time slots if you wish. Tents, shade, and/or chairs will be provided whenever possible. You will typically be very close to the artists, so please be courteous and adjust your volume so everyone can talk to the artists and enjoy your music at the same time. Bring an extension cord if you need access to electricity. Most studios can accommodate you.

We thank you in advance for volunteering to share your music with the artists and our patrons. If you have more questions, please contact Tour Manager Dinah Satterwhite by e-mail, info@bistudiotour.com, or phone: 206-842-0504.

* If you need to cancel, you can find a cancellation code in the confirmation email that was sent to you. Please enter this code into the “Cancel your signup” box in the upper right corner of the the sign-up page.

Locations & Information for Musicians

Peaceful Spring Designs Studio

Peaceful Spring Designs Studio **

4566 Flying Goat Ave. NE, #C100

Right next to Lynwood Center, this quaint condo complex is where Theresa Killgore’s home and jewelry studio is located. With a modern approach and concrete pads surrounded by landscaping and ample parking, the artists and musicians will be a wonderful and organic treat for visitors.

**No amplified music please. Residential area.

Dancing Spirit Studio

Dancing Spirit Studio

7021 Fletcher Bay RD. NE

Danna Watson’s eclectic garden is a wonderland filled with garden art, a fanciful swing, a child’s play area, flowers galore, and watch out for that chandelier! You might also find painted ferns and glass beads along the pathways. She has a semi-shaded grassy area for musicians.

Sylvia Carlton's Studio

Barbara Weissman’s Studio

10149 NE Roberts Rd.

Barbara’s garden is a lovely flat landscape including scalloped edge flower beds, a meandering stream and bridge. There is a nice grassy area for the artists and musicians. No tent. Electricity is available, but bring a long extension cord. You will be very close to the artists.

Sylvia Carlton's Studio

Elizabeth VanDuine’s Studio

11100 Hyla Ave. NE

This property has a lovely backyard with an elevated grassy area and expansive porch leading into the back door where more artists will be. Musicians will be at the outdoor fire pit, where seating is also available for patrons. Bring extension cords if you need power.

Betsy Stephen's Studio

Sophie Freida’s Studio

10235 Alberston Rd. NE

Nestled in the heart of Rolling Bay, behind Bay Hay & Feed, is a property with a tranquil setting featuring a circular driveway and ample parking. Visitors to the property can tour artist’s booths, Sophie’s art studio and relax on the sunny lawn or in the shade of the trees. The house is almost a century old, but has been lovingly restored. Power is available, bring an extension cord.

Betsy Stephen's Studio

Lost Forest Ceramics

11236 Sunrise Dr. NE

This working ceramic studio is located on the right side of a retail building shared by Rolling Bay Winery. The artists will be outside in the parking area and concrete drive along the right side next to the studio. Musicians will be near the studio’s front door, on the sidewalk under the awning. Bring extension cords if you need power.