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The Artists

Sophie Frieda

Oil paintings

My work depicts flowers and plant life in a different way, not just as beautiful objects but as entities that evoke a multitude of emotions. By zooming up close and using patterns of light and shadows, the images becomes less representative and more abstract. This allows the viewer to free themselves from preconceptions and become immersed in the essence, mood and mystery of the subject matter.

Oil paints provide for me the perfect combination of versatility, depth and richness of color.

Initially I cover the canvas with a ground color, then I erase out areas with a damp rag and create a loose structure of the values and shapes from which my composition emerges.

As the painting progresses I can layer paints of different transparency to create the depth and richness I need. At any stage I can modify or remove an area in the painting, these are some of the reasons I love to paint with oils.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore