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The Artists

Kathryn Lafond & George Brooks

Wood, paper, metal

Medium: Wood, Paper, Metal Turned bowls, lidded vessels, plates, toys, phone stands, furnishings, knifes, multi-use cookbook and stands.

Artist’s statement and theme: Relationships with Nature

In building relationship with the medium – whether wood, paper, metal or food beings – we come to a state of reverence for these gifts of the Earth. We continuously create new shapes for elementals to bring utility, beauty, and inspiration to today’s world and especially your home by utilizing: Recycled wood from locally downed trees. Recycled memories of how important it is to use all of what we take. Recycled tools from artists who have passed.

“In the wood turning process I let the wood show me what is possible. At times I reuse certain shapes that have pleased me in the past. These shapes are used if it enhances the piece of wood, the location of the inclusion and bark, as well as the grain. I have been exploring creating beauty and artistic expression through wood sculpture for over ten years.” − George

“Excitement runs through me once I see the colors and patterns in the wood begin to appear. I’m often astounded at the beauty within each piece. I find it a blessing to the eye to discover what the sacred center of a tree holds. It is a similar experience for me when waiting to see what presents itself while working with food and then relaying my experience onto the written page.” − Kathryn

Honored to be residents of Bainbridge Island for over 30 years.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Kathryn Lafond & George Brooks
Kathryn Lafond & George Brooks
Kathryn Lafond & George Brooks