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The Artists

“Math/Physics/Engineering Nerd Meets Quirky Elegant and Fun Designs.”
That’s how I describe myself and the jewelry I design. After I retired as an engineer many years ago, I decided to “play” with something I’d never done before or had the time to do. As a kid I made my parents stop at every polished rock tourist trap we passed, so I could look at the rocks. OK, I like rocks, so I’ll design jewelry. Weird jump in logic! I took a metalsmithing class at a local junior college, and I was hooked forever.

I don’t have a particular style as can be noted easily with my varied designs. I do what I see in my brain. I usually wake up most mornings with one or two new designs in my head. My brain visualizes the finished piece, then I have to backward “engineer” to step one to see how it’s put together. For me designing is quick and easy. It’s the fabrication of the work which may take a few days to a few weeks to complete. I guess my jewelry brain is linear, because I only work on one piece at a time. The design rarely changes from what I originally saw in my brain.

My work can be elegant and formal or quirky and strange, but they are all definitely different from other artisan jewelry. I’ve used semi-precious stones, as well as a piece of bark mulch, a cookie cutter, a lip-gloss container, and a bright yellow wooden duck compass from a kitchen store in a small village in the Netherlands. I don’t like to repeat designs, so everything is different. There are too many jewelry ideas floating around in my head to repeat pieces.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore