The Artists

Watercolor is my medium.  I zoom in and compose from my photos to fill a picture plane with a compelling design that takes the viewer into an abstract and sensual world.  I look for beautiful transitions of color or textures that could be expressed luminously with my many glazes of watercolor, or that might provide an opportunity for me to try new painting techniques. For the past 10 years I’ve painted the inner landscape of flowers calling these works Floralscapes.

The shapes, designs and patterns inside flowers and plants are the subject that awakened my love of painting, giving me a chance to create images of stunning beauty while merging realism with an abstract sense of design.  As my paintings get larger, and I face new technical challenges with watercolor, my hope is that the flowers ultimately fill a room, where the viewers can get lured into a place to lose themselves into depth, life, growth and color.

My gardens and travels provide endless inspiration to explore with a camera, zooming in on those sparks of color that most attract attention in the landscape.

 Contact me before ordering online if you are local and can schedule a studio pick up or have the artwork dropped off instead of shipping.

 Studio visits by appointment and I’ll have the artworks that you are interested in available to see in person.  Please bring a mask. 


Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Sandy Haight
Sandy Haight
Sandy Haight