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Meredith Chernick

Pottery: functional/sculptural

(360) 509-6598

Every piece of artwork from Fern Street Pottery is handmade, one at a time; from idea to creation, to glazing and firing. I design my pieces to be functional, comfortable, practical, and beautiful. They are meant to be handled, used, touched and held.

“I enjoy the satisfaction of throwing and hand-building well designed, functional works for people to use in their daily lives. From my hands to yours, I want you to experience contentedness when you hold a piece of pottery that I made. I strive for my pottery to have elegance and balance in your hands; it should fit into your life, and into your hands in a beautiful, satisfying way.”

 Clay is an inherent part of who I am, a natural expression and extension of my vocabulary. I am happiest when creating. I love clay. I love having my hands in clay, creating beautiful forms and textured, tactile pieces. Functional pottery should start with form in mind. I strive for clean design in contemporary-classic forms as they are timeless pieces for your home. I design and throw each piece to work at is fullest potential. Coffee cups are designed to keep coffee warm and have a comfortable handle. Bowls have a beautiful curve as well as a lovely rim to hold as the bowl frames the contents within it.

 In this age of mass-produced plastics and disposable items, the decision to use artist-designed and created, handmade works of art is a reminder to slow down and appreciate lasting beauty. As you take that first sip of coffee in the morning, cherish how your grip fits the mug handle that was made to fit your fingers, the groove your thumb rests in was made by my thumb. Notice, the smoothness of the rim of a mug as you raise it to your lips, find beauty in the curve of a bowl. Know that I made each piece with my hands, to fit into yours.

 I have had my hands in clay my entire life, and attained my degree in Art Education, with an emphasis in Ceramics from Western Washington University. After teaching art, design and pottery at the college level for 19 years, I am living the dream, making my own work professionally. I live a charmed life in Indianola with my husband, two sons, and our rescues: a great Pyrenees, and five pugs who litter my studio as well as rule my life.

 Meredith’s work is currently featured at Danger on Bainbridge Island, the Bloedel Reserve, the Bellevue Art Museum Store, Thistle and Floral in Kingston, the Indianola Store, Good Earth Pottery in Bellingham, Urban Plant Shop in Bremerton, the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour, the Art in the Woods Studio Tour, and of course on line (and by appointment) at Fern Street Pottery!

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Meredith Chernick
Meredith Chernick
Meredith Chernick