The Artists

Artist Statement:

 My artwork seems to be an expression of my inner feelings ranging from contemplation to whimsy to just pure joy. I am drawn to subjects displaying some sort of rhythm—whether in the way the light patterns form, the shapes link together, or the weaving of color harmony. I am happiest with my work when I stay loose with the brush and leave unfinished work show through—creating a trail of the evolution. Color and texture are the real appeal and I enjoy using many different tools—brushes, palette knives, scrapers—to create interest in the work.  When searching for the right color value and temperature, I tend to leave all the marks on the final work, showing the decision process, which I call “painting out loud”. Using oil paints or gouache, I take on whatever “speaks” to me. This might be an outdoor landscape, a still-life display, or a personal photograph. When it comes to my art, I have spent a lot of time learning and am aware of the “rules” of creating a successful painting—however I do take artistic license and have fun pushing the boundaries!


 Formally trained as a cardiac nurse.

Informally trained as a mom and an artist.

Instruction and guidance from several wonderful art teachers over 20 plus years at local art centers and community colleges in Wisconsin, Minnesota, northern California and Bainbridge Island.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Gigi Godfrey
Gigi Godfrey
Gigi Godfrey