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Danna Tartaglia

Oil paintings

Bainbridge Island, WA
(805) 844-0908


Wondering and wandering and following my nose.

Little did I know that my art career began with a brief instruction in oil painting in 9th grade art class.

Only a tiny spark then but it was enough to ignite the fuse that is still lighting my way.

I’ve always liked working with my hands, making things, and figuring things out. Through the years oil painting has remained my primary form of expression. Motion and emotion are my inspiration. A bright swirling frenzy of Koi, horses racing with abandon with manes flying, or a Maui rooster with a ‘cocky’ attitude. Many things interest me and I seem to be able to paint whatever grabs my attention at the moment. Something in me must be triggered, and I’ve discovered I cannot paint again a similar painting once the passion is satisfied. I move on to the next spark.

My painting is instinctive. I have a general idea of what’s going to happen on my canvas, but the paint and the spirit quickly take me away and I follow. Painting, creating art, working with artists, this is what I’m here to do. I fall into the flow, and important things come to me. This is where I belong, entering the world so many years ago with crayon in hand, I am grateful to call myself artist.

Much of my painting was done while on a favorite job, as manager of the unique Carefree Buffalo gallery in Jacksonville Oregon. And then later having my own gallery in the heart of Ojai California, representing many talented artists – these were both important and delightful times, colorful parts of my personal crazy quilt.

My art has been represented in a few galleries around the country and featured in a few magazines, newspapers and online: Ashland Magazine, Southern Oregon Magazine, Jacksonville Review newspaper, Ashland Daily Tidings, Southwest Art Magazine, Art of the West Magazine, Ojai Quarterly, Ventana Monthly magazine.

Current representation:
Verksted Gallery – Poulsbo WA
Carefree Buffalo – Jacksonville OR


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Danna Tartaglia
Danna Tartaglia
Danna Tartaglia