The Artists

Danis Morgan

Oils & Japanese pigment painting

Bainbridge Island, WA

I am an abstract painter working primarily in walnut oil and natural mineral pigments from France and Japan. Many times incorporating crushed shell, Indigo and Sumi-e as well.

On daily walks I collect sand, earth, leaves and flowers and rain water to make my own pigments, infusing all of my senses with the feel of the air, sound, sight and smell from being in and with nature.

I paint on Japanese paper and linen on panel, textured, luminous and layered. Many paintings are medium to large scale. I paint several panels at once, creating diptychs and triptychs.

Making my own paints is an important part of the painting process as well as allowing myself to become quiet and intuitively immersed. Trusting that the essence of the air, earth or water from the landscape will reveal itself in time.

A deep connection to the natural world continues to inspire and inform my life which I hope resonates luminously and brilliantly in my art.
In imagination, creativity and beauty.

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Danis Morgan
Danis Morgan
Danis Morgan