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The Artists

From my very earliest memories, I remember being absolutely mesmerized by color, art and every form of design. I watched in awe as my mother worked, first as a graphic designer and later as an oil painter, with her drafting table covered in huge pads of crisp, white paper, meticulous displays holding impressive collections of the finest markers, brushes, and paints, in every color under the sun! I began creating whatever I could, whenever I could, using whatever I had—finger paints, crayons and Magic Markers, watercolors, construction paper and clay. It didn’t matter. It was bliss, pure and simple, providing endless amounts of joyful, creative, artistic pleasure.

The depth of my passion for art, design and all things colorful is so deep that it seems inherent to who I am, a purely instinctual drive that is constantly evolving, continuing to be expanded and explored. While I haven’t had extensive formal training in the fine arts, I have enjoyed successes in both accessory design and interior design, playing professionally with the same fascination of color and texture that so captured me as a child. For the most part, my new and quiet passion for oil painting has been primarily self-taught. Still, I find that I lose myself as intensely now as I did back then.

During a solo trip through Scandinavia in the fall of 2017, I took over a thousand photos, thinking that each scene would make a remarkable painting. The incredible light, vast landscapes, fascinating architecture and colorful people captivated me beyond comprehension. Immediately upon my return, I signed up for my very first class, “Oil Painting for Beginners”, and set out on a new path of my artistic journey. Entry photo #1, “Norway”, is the first painting I completed after my return from Scandinavia, and so, needless to say, it is quite special to me.

If I could paint all day, every day, I probably would! If you’re an artist, you understand the passion that makes everything else, at least temporarily, seem unimportant. There is so much that I look forward to learning about technique, composition, the use of different tools, trying new styles. With each study or painting, I try to challenge myself with something new and believe me when I say that I am most definitely a work in progress! I’m just getting started and loving each and every minute of it!

A few of my favorite artists: Wolf Kahn, Hans Hoffman, Edward Hopper, Helen Frankenthaler, Georgie O’Keefe, & of course, my Mom!

Where you’ll find me painting: Somewhere on the waterfront or in my studio, Bainbridge Island, WA.

Artistic Awards & Accolades: Looking forward to the future!

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Betsy Hoyt Stephens
Betsy Hoyt Stephens
Betsy Hoyt Stephens