The Artists

Anya Koultysheva

Linen clothing & accessories

(310) 774-7382

I’ve been fascinated with textiles fiber arts since my early childhood. In the past several years I’ve been busy working with linen as my favorite textile. I love linen for it’s beauty, natural properties and sustainability.

I design and make linen clothing, accessories and table linens. I find and bring the finest linen fabrics from a small Baltic country in Europe where it’s been grown, spun and woven using some old methods of stone washing techniques. This linen is certified in Europe by Oeko-tex standard, which means that there were no harsh chemicals using in growing flax and entire production process.

The most beautiful unique colors and prints are made in very small batches in limited quantities. Many garments in my collection are true one-of-a-kind pieces.

Everything is individually cut and sewn with attention to detail. Unique one of a kind colors and prints, hand stitching and hand embroidered details combined in my work.

I like to coordinate my garments with one of a kind and locally made notions. For example, I use ceramic buttons made by a local artist on Marrowstone Island, wooden buttons made by a local woodoworker.

I want my customers to feel the beauty and the joy of using well-made handcrafted with love natural linen products in their daily life.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Anya Koultysheva
Anya Koultysheva
Anya Koultysheva