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The Artists

Since the beginning of time, people have made small representations of the human figure and imbued them with meaning.

My little figures have been invested with intent. I seek to speak to the imagination. To open the mind, and enter into a game of make-believe, traveling back to childhood again, where all things are possible.

My figures are a direct sculpt, clay over a wire armature. The face is painted, the wire padded and the body dressed. I choose antique fabrics and trims, the latest are 1800 French brocades. Along the way each tiny figure takes a journey from my dreams to reality.

Drawing takes me on a quiet journey of imagination. After 25 years of sculpting my mind is full of images waiting to find their stories.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Marcia Peterson
Marcia Peterson
Marcia Peterson