2023 SUMMER STUDIO TOUR: Aug 11-13    |    2023 WINTER STUDIO TOUR: Dec 1-3

The Artists

Kodi Arruda

Wood and acrylic
Double Z Creative

Double Z Creative is a family project.  We’ve been collectively and individually arting in various ways for decades.  Lifelong aspirations of developing a creative family enterprise finally coalesced in 2020 with the purchase of our first small CO2 laser.

A clean, simple collection of Pacific Northwest inspired ornaments suitable for year-round display has since emerged; complemented by whimsical ear-naments fashioned from off-cuts.  Concepts are hand drawn; the final pieces reflective of collaborative design and process development.

Primary materials include natural wood, acrylic, sterling silver and jute.

Sample art below. Contact the artist for pricing, details, and availability.

Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore
Theresa Killgore