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Featured Artist – Robert Niclas Jr.

Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.
Robert Niclas Jr.

Q & A

Q: Tell us a little about your art.

A: I work with wood, be it wood turning, carving, furniture making, boat building, interiors for luxury yachts, musical instruments.

Q: Why did you start doing what you do?

A:  I had a passion for woodworking. That passion started in junior high, then High school, working in a shop in Sweden, and eventually going to school at Carrington Polytechnic in Auckland New Zealand, gaining my trade certificate and my advanced trade certificate in furniture making. Since then I have worked for several companies, overseas and domestically. Each place I’ve worked has given me insights to various forms of woodworking. My passion has never left. I just love what I do.

Q: What makes you different from others in your field.

A:  I love working with hand tools, and equally as well use power tools to create works of art. I also use CAD to design projects.

Q:  What are your biggest influences?

A:  I was greatly influenced by various art forms when I was growing up, living in Iran, and then visiting museums in Europe where I greatly admired incredible pieces of furniture and carvings.

Q:  What has changed since you’ve first started?

A:  Instead of drawing on a drafting table, I now use the computer and draw in 3D modeling using SolidWorks, then programming what I’ve designed and will cut components out on a CNC router.

Q:  Tell us something most people don’t know about your process.

A:  It takes me a great deal of time carefully selecting the right piece or pieces of wood for a project.

Q:  Does your work comment on current social or political issues?

A:  No.

Q:  Where would you like to go next?

A:  I’d love to move more into making musical instruments. I’ve thought of a new design for my electric violin, and would like the time to implement my ideas. I also have changes I’d like to improve on the electric cello I’ve made. I also have designs for electric guitars for clients.