The Artists

Linda Pawson

Mixed media

Bremerton, WA
(206) 618-1907

My work blends the tradition and sophistication of timelessly elegant frames with contemporary textural sculpture. These pieces are unique, unconventional, and striking. From glamour and glitz, to sleek and stylish - each piece is designed to complement and enhance the room that will become its home. Color, texture, and dimension are intertwined and interconnected to create a new story - from every angle a different view - a different perspective.

Exotic handmade papers from around the world are a major part of my inspiration. Each piece is sculpted by hand to create a 3-dimensional element. These elements are then integrated into each piece, creating a distinctive, original, and totally one-of-a-kind wall sculpture.

I also create wearable pieces using the same handmade papers, and "House of Bling" custom shadow boxes to display your favorite jewelry as wall art.