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Jennifer Horner

Mixed metals jewelry

Jennifer Horner Jewelry

I have been making jewelry for over thirty years. The themes in my work have evolved tremendously, but the basic processes remain the same. My inspiration for creativity is at the foundation of my commitment to fine craftsmanship, traditional techniques of metalworking, and innovations in design. My jewelry is hand fabricated by me from sheet metal, using processes such as synclastic and anticlastic forming with a hydraulic press, surface texturing and patterning embossed with the aid of a rolling mill, marriage of metals, cold and hot joinery by means of rivets and high temperature solder, and oxidizing- altering the color appearance of the metal through anodizing or chemical patination.

The style of my current work could be described as unisex, sophisticated, modern industrial with a hint of rustic. They are simple forms- bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, ear cuffs, and bolo ties- that round out a coherent collection of wearable fine craft. New in 2016, is the addition of titanium, copper, and brass, while some pieces are still available in sterling silver and gold.

My history as a jeweler dates back to my student days at the University of Washington, when I was studying industrial design, but the metal shop just across the hall captured my imagination. After graduation I hired on as a bench jeweler and worked in several fine jewelry shops as a custom work designer and goldsmith for about fifteen years. In the late 90's I began doing craft shows with my own line of jewelry, and participated in numerous fairs, galleries, and exhibitions. While living in Australia for two years I was honored to win the award for "Artistic Excellence" at the 2006 Tasmanian Craft Fair, in Deloraine, and had my portfolio published in Craft Arts International Magazine. The following year I was awarded two entries in the prestigious, all Australia, Alice Craft Acquisition Exhibition, in Alice Springs. Now I'm back in The Great Northwest, and after a hiatus of five years from the craft market I'm producing fresh and exciting new work.