The Artists

Joan Wells

Acrylics, Glass, Fabric

(360) 779-1420

I have worked with many mediums all my life, however sewing for 40 years, fabric is still my favorite medium and now my art is "GREEN" . . . using found upholstery ends and samples fabric and leather, and practicality, I make Tote Bags in 2 sizes
Bucket Bags that open completely, designed by customer comments
Sling Bags that fit cross shoulder with a flap
Designer Bags
Party Bags

The feature that makes all my handbags special are the unique handmade ornaments of vintage glass dishes and wine bottles that I hand cut and tumble which create a beach glass look, vintage neckties, feathers, handmade tassels, embroidery, fabric sculpturing and cut and hammered copper and brass. Both machine and hand sewn, I use a few purchased glass beads. The ornaments are also available as jewelry. My designs are guided by what ends I find, many are one of a kind. Each bag is signed and dated.

I am looking forward to meeting you and showing you my handbags and jewelry!