The Artists

Michael & Donna Day


(206) 842-5408

We are Michael & Donna Day of Hidden Cove Pottery. Since 1978 we have lived and worked on Bainbridge Island, located in Washington State's Puget Sound. Our handcrafted porcelain designs reflect the plants and wildlife of the Northwest. We design and produce a variety of original lines for home and garden such as custom tile, ornaments, lightswitch covers, ikebana holders, and casual dinnerware. Our customers range from National Parks, gallery and gift shops, to art and crafts fairs.

We have started a new adventure: Raku Pottery. For this process the pot is removed from the kiln when red hot, around 1900 degrees, then is cooled in the air to produce the crackle in the glaze (call it thermal shock), then it is placed in a container lined with a combustible material which starts to burn. A lid is then placed on the container trapping the smoke. The pot absorbs the carbon turning the clay and crackle black.

For more information about our products to make an appointment, call or fax Donna or Michael at (206) 842-5408 or email