The Artists

Haden Starbuck

Jewelry & wearable fibers

(360) 643-1100

Mystic Beach Studio


I started making jewelry because I love rocks, especially local beach fossils & agates . Over the years I have found many aspects of jewelry making that appeal to me, but I'm still most passionate about setting rocks in silver. All my pieces are hand fabricated in sterling silver, copper or brass.


I grow some of my fiber & I dye most of it too. Felting is a process that involves making wool attach to itself with the aid of soap, water & agitation. I like to say that I annoy wool for a living. Felting is a very old way of making fabric. It has many possibilities in that 3 dimensional items can be made seamlessly or flat fabric can be sewn into your desired form. Many techniques can enhance the wool's ability to hold texture. It's a medium that lends itself well to having a loose agenda. I think felting will hold my attention for years to come!


My love of color leads me naturally into creating color. I start with primary colors & black; then start blending. I generally dye the materials before I use them, but sometimes I create the piece & then dye it.

My work can be found at:
Front Street Gallery, Poulsbo
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island
Mad Hatter & Co, Port Townsend