The Artists

Judy Sorrels

Layered mixed media, acrylics

(360) 692-7066

I am currently focusing on two methods; layered mixed media, and abstract acrylic pour painting, with work inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature. Both allow for an element of experimentation and serendipity. I use bright, playful colors, and a variety of patterns, all of which I design myself, in my layered mixed media pieces. Printing, stamping, mark making, direct painting, and the use of vintage sheet music and alcohol inks are all incorporated in an intuitive process. It is impossible to completely plan each piece - I must react to what each one needs.

Acrylic pour painting is a method in which I let go of control and let the paint blend, move, and evolve. Much of the time I then enhance a piece with more direct painting, additional pours, or manipulation. It is refreshing to move from realism, to abstraction, and back again. Florals, and nautical themes recur in this body of work. Both styles of working generate pieces that are truly unique and impossible to reproduce again, except through prints. They satisfy my craving for variety. I also teach pour painting parties - sharing my enthusiasm for this enjoyable process.