The Artists

Stuart Ferrier


(206) 696-8235

My passion for shaping wood goes way back. I remember whittling sticks in the back yard with a jack knife. Pinewood derby cars, balsa wood airplanes, skateboards, skim boards, large pine cabinets, small mahogany boxes, redwood ceilings, bamboo floors... the list is endless. Wood is a fascination. I love to reveal its natural beauty beneath the bark.

I'm happiest as a maker. I've enjoyed building adobe houses and fiber optic transceivers, crafting porcelain jewelry and documentary films. Making things is what I've always done. Wooden spoons are elegant in design and intimate in service. I love the art of shaping these simple utensils. I'm always gathering pieces of wood, some I picked up decades ago, others just recently fell on my Bainbridge Island property. Every piece has a story. I'm still whittling sticks in the back yard...