The Artists

Victor Turpyn


(949) 208-1960

My art is influenced by several factors. First, I am mainly self-taught, after being exposed to art during my High School years I have always gravitated back to it given time and opportunity. My style has been most influenced by my attraction to Pointillism combined with an affinity for the sculptor Alexander Calder and his mobiles. I enjoy working with Gouache water color due to its flexibility and ease of revision.

My personal experiences span an early childhood in Indonesia, upbringing in Holland, and the majority of my adult life in the California Bay Area. I most enjoy creating land and seascapes both real and imagined that reflect the experiences and cultures of these diverse settings. I imbue them with vibrant colors and impressionist shapes to illicit an uplifting emotive response from the viewer that is uniquely their own, but anchored by my original experiences.

My mother advised me away from art as an occupation to avoid poverty. After studying Horticulture, then retiring as an engineer for the telephone company, I can now paint for the joy and satisfaction it brings me. I am also now able to afford proper canvas to paint on, unlike some of my favorite early works which were on the wrapping paper from my daughter's diapers by necessity!