The Artists

Melaine Burns

Abstract acrylics

(907) 500-2134

Through the harmonious blending of colors, I transform plain white canvas into abstract landscapes by pouring and blending layers of acrylic paint. I introduce the colors to each other, getting them to talk, and what emerges is a representation of what I see and feel.

I have an idea of the image I want to create and use various objects to move and blend the colors. Frosting spatulas, string, air. These are my minions!

Acrylic pouring has delightful challenges with unpredictable results. As the paints tend to dry quickly, I manipulate the colors with my spatula, incorporating various mediums like silicone, and have to babysit each piece through completion. I influence the intended composition by pulling and pushing various colors as they merge and blend.

Having lived most of my life in Alaska, the natural beauty of vast and amazing landscapes never fails to amaze me - the intense storms or the overwhelming calmness. For me, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a way of being. My hope is to convey what I see and feel through the mystery of my poured artwork so that it touches your soul the way it does mine.