The Artists

Don Moore

Oils, charcoal, mixed media

(360) 860-0555

Having grown up in Southern California, the lighting and contrast in my work can easily be attributed to the strong sunlight that surrounded me day to day. I have always been attracted to ink drawings and woodcut prints due to the strong contrast of the ink on white paper. The hustle and bustle of people moving about their days in a fast paced city like Los Angeles instilled a love for expressive and gestural line qualities that are still present in my work to this day.

My sensibility about color is an ongoing evolution, both philosophically and environmentally. I am drawn to colors that are expressive and with the right combinations can create dynamic contrasts as they are painted right next to each other. My own personal observations as I travel through life and different environments inspire me to push colors to new levels and relationships between each other. These color relationships can be seen in the subtle color choices I use in creating the skin tones alone my subjects.

The relationships that I have and have had, both in long term, meaningful, exchanges and those brief encounters with others on their journey through life have inspired me to want to capture their essence, their spirit in this one brief moment. It may not be a representation of oneís entire journey, but I am rather more interested in capturing the mood of this one particular moment, good or bad; it is real and it is this moment paused in this personís personal journey.

My hope, my goal, my own personal desire is to simply transfer the emotion expressed in each of my portraits, to you the viewer. For me that is the ultimate communicative value of art, in all its forms.