The Artists

Deborah Rhee

Abstract oil paintings

(214) 729-1080

Deborah Rhee is an Australian born artist new to Bainbridge Island, who has worked in oil and glaze for the past 20 years, recently adding mixed media to her visual language after a year spent experimenting with art journaling and works on paper. This new addition has heavily informed her general arts practice and expanded her repertoire to include smaller canvas works and installation works on paper.

Deborah is inspired by the work of the New York School Abstract Expressionists and the environment in which she lives, the latter influencing her palette choices of late with whites, greens and blues featuring heavily.

She is drawn to oil paint as her primary medium. In part for its archival properties but also its sculptural qualities, which lend it to being pushed around the canvas and allow for scratching and scraping of the surface to make her expressive marks. Painting is an intuitive process for her guided by the act of revealing and concealing expressed in the many layers that go into each work.