The Artists

Rita Mandoli


(360) 301-4844

I strive to create elegant but simple shapes which are pleasing to the eye and hand--in profile and color, balance and function I like making the mug, cup or bowl you reach for every day, not something gathering dust on the shelf or too precious to be used. When people enter my studio, I stand back and let them find what suits them best, whether the right shade of blue, the interface of glaze between rim and exterior, or the mug with the perfect handle for their hand-I also love pulling out a hidden pot waiting just for them.

I use two clay colors: white and red. White porcelain clay enhances the brilliant hues of the glazes; the iron oxide in the red clay subdues the same glazes' brilliance into subtle earth tones. I'm always experimenting with glaze combinations and with new shapes. Last spring a friend wanted a serving tray for tray for asparagus which cradled a dozen spears cozily; now lidded containers are the current challenge. Most pieces are wheel thrown, but trays and small square plates evolve from a clay slab.

Let me know it there is a glaze combination or shape that you would like to see.