The Artists

Cynthia Lait

Abstract collage

(425) 457-3243

In the quest to become a fulfilled human being, real life gets in the way. The dog gets into the trash can, then barfs on the new carpet. Your child catches the flu and shares it with the rest of the family. Someone uses your credit card to buy a $500 gift card at a Walmart in Alabama when you never left home. The computer dies with no backup. Your boss becomes difficult. Your home needs repairs. Your best friend forgets to call you back. You drop your phone in the toilet. Life is not always easy, but these are the times to remember to connect with joy.

Within the patterns and images of this work lies an invitation to play, to feel joy. As a typical first born, I yearned for achievement and was willing to work for it. I found success in many endeavors, but with such a strong focus on work, I ignored the call to play. Everything took on a serious tone, there was little time for downtime, for wasted time, for play time. With this collage work, I rediscover the joys of vibrant colors and shapes, the energy that says 'hey, smile and have some fun! '

I paint Japanese papers with brilliant colors, cut them up and reassemble them into abstract patterns that invite you to smile and find your joy. Come out and play!