The Artists

Len Eisenhood

Collage/painting on marbled paper

". . . with the will to see more than is there, one comes, at moments, to perceive the more that there is . . . " Denise Levertov, "Something More".

Len, a life-long gardener, translates the required discipline and care of nurturing plant life to his art - paper-marbling and collage/painting. His knowledge and experience of classical and innovative marbling techniques enable him to create papers that are richly beautiful and unique, each one possessing a synergy of intention and serendipity.

The evocative quality of his marbled papers elicits further reflection and response from Len as a painter. He fuses the vibrancy of his papers with painted and collaged images, creating works which link subject and narrative in both predictable and unexpected ways. The viewer is drawn in through the two-dimensional plane to create stories that are rooted in our three-dimensional world.

Now in his thirtieth year of paper marbling, Len enjoys sharing his love of marbled arts through workshops for people of all ages. His latest marbling workshop, January 2018, was held at BARN in the Book Arts studio. Len's marble-art papers, cards, and calendars are carried by Dana's Show House, Hattie Rose, Flowering Around, and the Bloedel Reserve. This is Len's first Bainbridge Island Studio Tour.