The Artists

Kaaren Brooks

Functional & sculptural pottery


I am a local artist from Seabeck, WA. I have been interested in pottery from an early age but until retirement, was not able to work with the clay on a regular basis. That has changed. I now consider myself a "mostly full-time" potter.

I make functional, wheel-thrown and artistic hand-built pottery. My functional pottery is made from a mid-range fired porcelaneous clay. I choose to make classic forms of a repetitious nature and then embellish with various decorating methods that enhance the applied glaze. Glazes are chosen with the dishwasher, microwave, and being food-safe in mind.

My artistic pottery is made from paper-clay, a clay body that is mixed with paper which provides a forgiving medium for sculpting, attaching, and carving. The firing properties of my chosen paper clay are much the same as my functional clay body.

Inspirations and ideas are everywhere. One just needs to be open to them.