The Artists

Barbara Ferrier

Acrylic on canvas


My paintings are windows into the wilderness, from my heart to yours. I love hiking through mountains and along ocean beaches. I re-create these experiences as landscapes from my imagination. They are a composite of many places. Painting allows an opportunity to invent new places we'd all like to visit. When people look into my paintings they often find their own fond memories. I have heard many stories from adventurers as they looked into my paintings.

My art career began suddenly and violently when I was 18. One fateful night I found myself in shock, in the hospital, with a paralyzed left hand. I recall asking myself, as I drifted off to sleep, why my hands were so abruptly brought to my attention. The answer came the following day. "Learn to draw and paint." The commitment was made. I had no idea how to draw or where to learn. I hadn't ever considered it before.

Even as I began my first drawings I created landscapes with a view into other worlds. Travel allowed me to find inspiration in diverse traditions from Kathmandu, Nepal to Sante Fe, New Mexico. My motivation and pride comes from finding and owning my aesthetic and following my path to insure my art uplifts others and raises the quality to their lives.