The Artists

Deborah Nelson



Glass is a transparent barrier between the outdoor world and our inside shelters, but it can be more than that. Using primarily clear glass to allow in maximum light, I create panels with patterns of jewel-toned colors. Our gray, softly rainy days are the perfect backdrop for motifs that blaze with color as the day progresses. Or a full-panel illustration of a favorite memory can fit comfortably into a Craftsman or modern structure, becoming an artwork that changes daily with the passage of the sun.

As an artist and architect, I find inspiration in the intersection of the natural and the man-made, and I strive to create work that enhances the visual connection between the two worlds. My years of work as an architect with the National Park Service taught me to design with respect, simplicity, and subtlety -- the three best companions for the natural beauty and history of the Pacific Northwest. I also enjoy incorporating textile motifs from around the world -- they translate very happily into glass.

Lately, I've been working on abstract pendant and table lamps of glass. I pick out all of my glass personally, oftentimes for its imperfections, which become gorgeous when illuminated. These lamps are crystalline cocoons of pure color. Each one is different as the personality of each piece of glass dictates what I should do during the creative process.