The Artists

Judy Sorrels

Oils, acrylics, & digital photo art


It started with a pencil, the parents who provided it, and a loving grandpa and sweet aunt who showed me what they knew. From then on, it was an up and downhill journey of practice, experimentation and lifelong learning. Living in the beautiful Pacific NW has nourished my love of nature and animals. My work ranges from realistic to whimsical and I enjoy variety in subject matter and stylistically. I am inspired by the beauty of God's creation and the magic of it all as I work primarily in oils, acrylics, soft pastels and digital. These mediums allow me to capture the subtle and often dramatic play of light and shadow, as seen in the oil painting Lace Caps and the translucent glow of light through brightly colored petals as in Nasturtiums, which fascinate me. I am compelled to capture that beauty and intricacy in my work and am thankful for the gifts that I find when most needed. Seriously, the bee in Lace Caps appeared on my sidewalk the day it was required, through no effort on my part except awareness. A beautiful, much appreciated reference from nature.

Having been an Art Teacher for 20 years (recently retired) has taught me to be versatile and curious about mediums and subject matter and I will always be a teacher in some capacity. I also design greeting cards for many occasions, create patterns for various substrates, enjoy the serendipity of printmaking, am working on three children's books When Dragons Fly South for the Winter, Zebediah Zebra and the Wrong-Way Stripes, and Hey! There's a Chicken in My Soup! , and paint Pet/Animal Portraits for folks who love them dearly. Ideas abound. I believe Art is a powerful form of expression and I strive to bring some beauty and connectedness into our troubled world. My motto is from an anonymous quote I found many years ago "An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending upon the talent that rubs up against it." For me Talent = a boat-load of hard work and a fire-in-the-belly kind of joy. It is, ultimately, about the joy.