The Artists

Ginny Ford



Heavenly Mountain Studios

I have always been attracted to form and color, and how things can be put together, but I first became interested in jewelry when I lived in Singapore and traveled around Asia. I particularly loved the designs I found in Bali, Indonesia.

As my work has evolved over the years, I have found that I particularly like experimenting with new mediums and techniques. In addition to playing with color, I love to work texture into my pieces. Reticulating silver allows me to move the metal around and find interesting bumps and shapes. Recently, I have been fusing Sterling onto copper. The result is almost always random resulting in surprising blends of the metals.

Another new technique for me is torch fired enamels where I used an acetylene torch instead of a kiln to fuse colored enamels onto copper. The oxidation of the heated copper adds an organic look to the jewelry.

I love to talk about how I create my jewelry, so come see my work and let me tell you more about it.