The Artists

Erik Newquist

Hand forged iron


Newquist Forge

I like understanding how things work.

And I like making machines and tools that work, function, go.

Blacksmiths have always been makers and inventors of tools. Blacksmiths of old created the first machines that started the industrial revolution. They were so successful that eventually they put themselves out of business.

My shop is a cross between an inventor's laboratory, gadget wonderland, and blacksmith's workshop with the traditional anvil and forge. I make the tools such as the power hammer, belt sander, and forge so that I can make my hammers and tongs, which hold and beat the hot metal that I shape in to axe heads, garden tools and cabinet hardware.

I make things that are useful to the user, but just as importantly, beautiful. Everything I make, from the tools to the coat hooks are meant to be used in daily life, and I believe our everyday must be surrounded by beauty.