The Artists

Robin Charters

Pastel & oils

Bainbridge Island, WA

Artist's Statement:
'Discovering the ease and brilliance of soft pastels after primarily oil painting is inspiring and captivating. The vast range of pastel colors and the ability to infuse paintings with light and shadow are stirring me to paint the many scenes and images I see daily in nature and on my travels. Each time I begin a painting, my wish is to create a joyful visual dance embracing the mystery of light and reflection.'

Robin grew up riding a horse named 'Paint' on a ranch at the foothills of Mt. Rainier and spent summer vacations sailing the San Juan Islands. Both provided stunning landscapes and scenic marine views inspiring a young artist. During college, she lived in Florence, Italy where she oil painted, studied impressionism and art history. Living in Colorado, she attended oil painting classes and was encouraged to find her own voice and imagery in painting. Her family moved to Bainbridge Island in 1994. She began the study of landscape design, gardening, herbalism and botanical photography. The spirit of the natural world and love of the journey in creating art is her joy. As an art consultant, she was introduced to Robert Henri's book, 'The Art Spirit' and this inspired her to keep painting 'the moments that we seem to see that are beyond the usual.'

Although she loves the fluidity of oil painting, she also appreciates the pure and tactile nature of holding pastel paints in her hand. Applying it in layers on paper creating depth and atmosphere gives her a sense of freedom and exploration. She paints primarily with Terry Ludwig pastels on black Stonehenge printmaking paper and a variety of sanded papers. When in her studio she paints scenes from her travels and paints 'plein air' whenever she can. Her work is shown at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts and she is continuing her education and commitment to keep painting with an artist's spirit and the spirit of her horse who continues to remind her to 'paint.'