The Artists

Jessica Osborn

Fused glass, jewelry


I am a self-taught artist in both my mediums. I began beading and searching for extra ordinary beads in the early 70's. One bead I have is over 1,000 years old, from the age of the Mayans. In the 80's I began designing with gems and gold, working with a man named Norbert Roessler. Norbert designed for the Gump department store in San Francisco and had just moved to Scottsdale, AZ.

I continue working with beads because I love the interaction of color and texture and the feel of stone on skin. I strive to create necklaces that are different using precious and semi-precious stones in sometimes intricate or startling ways. Comments are usually "I have never seen anything like this, it's beautiful" and "I love the way you use color."

Which brings me to my second medium, fused glass. I took one class from Pratt Art School to learn how to program a kiln, but that was only after I had one. I have always collected glass objects and in 2000, due to ill health took a bead making class. I was hooked. When buying a kiln for the beads, the sales girl asked why not get one in which I could also make plates. The rest was play time. Bowls, plates, Christmas ornaments, I enjoy creating all of them.

However, I am known for my hanging flower vases and glass panels for windows, I hear again how much my sense of color entrances people.