The Artists

Donna Lark

Wearable arts

511 Root St., Port Townsend, WA 98368

I create Nuno Felted clothing inspired by features of the natural world that I am attracted to on a daily basis. I love the light, reflections and colors that accompany the change of the seasons. As a Landscape Architect I use a similar skill set in designing my garments that I do in designing a garden. There is a similar flow of color, form, texture, and structure. My goal is to complement the structure of the human body. The feel, weight and texture of my material is its "hand." It is achieved through the stacking and layering of merino wool fibers, carefully varying their lengths and alignments in a fashion that allows for controlled shrinkage and appropriate thickness. The resulting felt maintains just the right amount of movement and drape for its function as good design and clothing. The striking visual appeal of the material is enhanced by the surface design elements of various colored and textured fibers and fabrics that are integrated into the felt as it is built. All of the color is intrinsic to the material.