The Artists

Chris & Peg Christensen



We build beautiful, and useful objects for the home from Big Leaf Western Maple. This lovely and increasingly rare wood only grows in Washington, Oregon, and part of British Columbia. Primarily this wood has been used to build guitars and violins. After I built a guitar from this wood Peggy asked me why doesn't anyone use this wood to make things for the home? So the idea was born.

We've been building and selling boxes, footstools, rolling pins, cutting boards, and many other objects from this incredible wood for the last ten years, and still fall in love with it again with every new project. We also make three-dimensional panels based on the natural world. These are made from western red cedar, shaped, and using the skills Peggy gained from her studies of scientific illustration, painted in a realistic and natural manner. These have been fun projects for us as we're able to interact with our customers to build objects they want to place in their environments.

After working in fine wood work doing everything from historic preservation, to interiors of multi-million dollar yachts, to building guitars, for 30 years. I've found this work to be some of the most satisfying of my working life, and has given us the chance to use Peggy's artistic skills in new ways. We look forward to working with you to bring your ideas into the world, as well as enhancing your lives with this beautiful wood. Thank you! - Chris and Peggy Christensen