The Artists

Sharon Feeney

Stone sculpture

6595 Mariposa Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367

Sharon Feeney is passionate about creating in stone. While she delights in the sensuality of the softer stones such as steatite and alabaster, she also loves the challenge and boldness of granite. The smallest piece she has created weighs 6 ounces, and her largest piece weighs 1000 pounds. In Sharon's experience, stone not only wants to be touched, it calls to be touched. It is ancient and of the earth and communicates what it wants. She is honored when people touch her sculptures.

If you ask Sharon the source of her inspiration, her response is: nature itself. And she is surrounded by nature. Her studio is located in Kitsap County on 10 acres of tree-covered land that she and her husband Rick developed. An avid hiker and kayaker, she is renewed by the silence of her journeys, the view of orca whales off the bow of her kayak, and the sounds of the birds on her hikes into the wilderness. When she works with stone, she trusts nature to reveal the animal or figure within the stone. A favorite piece of many visitors to Sharon's studio is Turtle Time. She found the stone for this piece in her garden while she was raking leaves! First she dug by hand, then with pick and shovel, and eventually brought in her backhoe to pull the 1000 pound piece of granite from a glacial erratic deposit from BC.

Sharon has had her sculptures in the La Conner, Puyallup, and San Juan Sculpture Parks as well as several galleries. Currently she has two pieces installed on Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor. She participates in the Greater Gig Harbor Studio tours each mid-September, and creates unique pieces on commission. She has served on the Board of the Northwest Stone Sculptors' Association and is currently an active member. You are invited to visit her studio!