The Artists

Meredith Chernick

Pottery: functional, sculptural


Meredith's work ranges from functional ware with intentional design, to sculpture which celebrates nature's meticulous attention to detail.

I strive for my pottery to have elegance and balance in your hands; it should fit into your life, and into your hands in a beautiful, satisfying way. Functional pottery should start with form in mind. I design and throw each piece to work at its fullest potential. Coffee cups are intended to keep coffee warm and have a comfortable handle. Bowls have a beautiful curve as well as a lovely rim where the glaze pools as it frames the contents of the bowl. I enjoy the satisfaction of throwing and producing well designed, functional works.

I am inspired by nature, texture, pattern, color, and creating pieces that are purely about observing beauty. My sculptural works feature enhanced beauty of the natural world around us, clay plant forms that have come to life. These forms grow as I build them, describing beauty and strength of the intimate, delicate and often overlooked. They start with beautiful form, become intricate with texture, and involve meticulous detail. They are indeed, a labor of love.

Clay is an inherent part of who I am, a natural expression and extension of my vocabulary. I am happiest when creating beautiful forms and textured, tactile pieces. I personally design, throw, form, glaze, and fire each piece of work from my studio. I have had my hands in clay since I was a small child, and attained my degree in Art Education, with an emphasis in Ceramics. I live a charmed life in Indianola with my husband, two sons, a Great Pyrenees, and four pugs who litter my studio as well as rule my life.

Meredith's work is currently featured at the Bellevue Art Museum Store, the Bellevue Art Museum Arts Fair, Danger Gallery on Bainbridge Island, the Indianola Store, Art in the Woods, and by appointment at her Fern Street Pottery Studio in Indianola.