The Artists

Michele Van Derrick

Acrylics, mixed media


Wildly Indigo Studios

Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest after living in cities across the US, Central America and Europe, I've long used travel as my muse. Words that show up just when you need them, answers that come from the quiet moments, unexpected color combinations and charming villages found at every turn inspire my work. In my quest to connect with the spiritual world, I find these sacred moments invaluable in painting and I'm excited to now find those same moments here on the island.

I work in acrylic and sometimes use mixed media and 3 dimensional objects. My work is intuitive and I never start a piece with the end in mind. Sometimes my process goes rather quickly and almost seems to finish itself, other times I can keep going back to it for months. I always let my paintings unfold organically and try incorporate something different or new in each piece. Recently I've been working in smaller formats meant to resonate with those seeking a little inspiration or reminders of their own beauty and light. I work with the intention of putting healing energy into each piece in hope that it will resonate with its owner in a way that inspires, brings peace and joy, and lifts them whenever they need it