The Artists

Richard Ashton

Semi-precious jewelry

Marvelous Crafts d/b/a Designs by Ashton

Richard Ashton has lived in Poulsbo for the last 10 years, relocating to the Northwest from Walnut Creek, California. He has been a Fine Craft Artisan for the last 36 years and has an extensive knowledge of stones, their composition and unique qualities. This knowledge and experience contributes to creating an element of design resulting in unique one-of-a-kind jewelry styles. All the designs are original, asymmetrical formats (necklaces, earring and bolos) created with natural and unusual materials, including a large variety of semi-precious stones, antique glass, crystals, amber and desert cactus.

Richard has a large collection of materials which he has accumulated during his years in the business, having found many unusual beads and bronzes originating from around the world. All cultures utilize symbols expressed in visual form, such as crosses, birds, tortoises and frogs, to name just a few. Additionally, the circle is a symbol of life and asymmetry is balance. Richard incorporates these symbols and properties into all his pieces. He takes a great deal of time to fashion the elements of design that comprise his creations. Richard frequently attends gem and mineral shows to find the best and most interesting sources for his materials.