The Artists

Evy Olsen Halvorsen

Encaustic, oils

(360) 271-8236

I primarily paint with beeswax in smaller sizes and I paint with oils on larger surfaces. The images I aim to express are often narrative, finding a story in my head I try to transfer some of the ideas to the surfaces for others to interpret as it suits them, to find their own meanings and make it personal for the viewer.

Painting with beeswax using a griddle and torch on wood with pure pigment and damar resin, is an ancient technique more durable than oil paints and originating in Greece around 500 B.C. and is called encaustic, meaning to burn in, sometimes meaning to burn the fingers also.

Statement: Landscape dwells large in my consciousness. From my youth in northern Norway, to my daily appreciation of the quiet beauty that surrounds us, this space around us all weighs on me, as a comfort. The images I'm drawn to may be a literal translation of a landscape or an abstracted vision of terrain, memory, surroundings. A color impression, a botanical image or a visiting traveler may occupy the surface I attempt to fill. It is still always about the space, the welcoming space with the stories traveling through, time and space.