The Artists

Paula Ensign

Ink and watercolor

(425) 894-8791

Beauty is all around us. Sometimes it's obvious and acknowledged by all; other times it takes a fresh perspective to discover it. As an artist I spend as much time observing as I do drawing and painting. Most of my work is done plein air (outside) where inspiration is spontaneous and direct. I seek not only the harmony and design of nature, but the color, variety and history of the landscape.

Through many years of experimentation and practice, I have developed a unique style of ink and watercolor. The drawing, created with short vertical lines, presents the details of the scene. Although the drawings are time-consuming, I enjoy the peaceful aspect of careful mark making. The watercolor is added once the drawing is complete. It's quick and spontaneous. The addition of color transforms the drawing into an expression of time and place.

As well as exhibiting my drawings in galleries and shows, I teach drawing on Bainbridge Island and at various workshop locations throughout Puget Sound. I write a drawing blog,, and lead a local sketching group. I am grateful for the many opportunities to develop my skills and share them with others.