The Artists

Tegan Wallace

Sculptural silver jewelry

Born and raised on Bainbridge Island, I grew up surrounded by artists of all stripes. My parents always encouraged me to make things, for which I am eternally grateful. I found metalsmithing during my junior year of high school and never looked back. Nearly 25 years on, it still excites me. Dubbed "a champion doodler" many years ago, I create pieces that focus on color, pattern, and texture on metal. Metalsmithing is so satisfying because it is the perfect combination of art and chemistry, where discovering WHY something works is as intriguing as the finished product.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to study with several nationally-renown jewelers on Bainbridge and in Seattle. I also hold a BA in History and an MA in Communication, both of which, while not directly related to metalsmithing, inform my work and my teaching.

This area boasts a vibrant metals community; I have been fortunate to find a great deal of support and mentorship here. When not in the studio, I teach jewelry-related classes for adults and for children, write about metalsmithing, and go on adventures with my husband and adorable toddler.