The Artists

Rick Stafford


(206) 842-8211

Rick Stafford has worked as a professional in ceramics for forty years. During the past 12 years Rick has developed his own original ceramic process based on the Japanese technique of Neriage. Neriage is a Japanese word that translates as "many colors". Inspired by a visit to the National Quilters Society annual competition in Paducah Kentucky, Rick has been trying to capture the feeling of a "glass quilt" in his work. His process is based on a porcelain formula which he designed to melt into glass at 2300 F. He makes thin colored sheets of his porcelain recipe with the Neriage process. Then he uses this as applique on background sheets of the same porcelain/glass formula. The technique is similar to fused glass except that it is fired almost 1000 degrees hotter so the pieces have the hard durable surface of fine porcelain but without the drawback of crazing found in traditional pottery. His work makes wonderful wall art, art tile and serving dishes.